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    Have you ever heard about Mullein tea before? And are you aware that it is a special kind of tea that offers numerous health benefits? Also known as Candlewick plant and flannel leaf, this tea was used by the Greeks in the ancient times for lung issues.

    Would you like to know how to prepare this magical tea at home and the amazing benefits it offers? Then sit back and read on!

    Mullein – A Brief Summary

    The Mullein plant is native to Europe, but later made way to the USA. In the USA, it is more of an invasive weed. It grows rapidly in abandoned fields and highway sides. Mullein tea is made from the yellow flowers of this plant. However, there are a few variants, and their flower colours can be purple and reddish. The plants can be six feet in height, and the aroma is similar to that of honey. It is also interesting to note that several alcoholic beverages contain mullein.


    Lung-Supporting Mullein Tea

    Mullein is my absolute favourite when it comes to all things lung related. This gentle herb seems to focus its energy in a very effective way in the lungs, and it gets to work fast!

    Mullein helps remove any 'gunk' from with the lungs via its gentle yet thorough expectorant abilities. It helps the lungs purge themselves of mucous and phlegm that have taken their fill of toxins, pollutants, and foreign matter so that it can be given healthy replacements.

    Like many herbs used in herbal tea, mullein has natural mucilage which soothes, coats, and protects the respiratory system from the mouth to the lungs.

    In many cases, recurring lung issues are wrapped up in an inflammation cycle. Mullein is a gentle anti-inflammatory that focuses on the lungs, so it can help reduce inflammation in the various passages and tissues in the lungs giving way to easier breathing.

    Mullein has been traditionally as a tonic tea by people with COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, inflammation, respiratory allergies, recurring congestion, smoker's cough, exercise-induced lung strain, and anxiety-related breathing issues.

    Mullein is calming, soothing, comforting, and very grounding. The tea on its own is actually very pleasant for those who like an 'earthy' taste in their tea. When combined with herbs that have stronger flavour profiles, the flavour of mullein will usually be lost.



    Mullein tea benefits are surplus, let’s have a look at the major ones here:

    -  Respiratory aliments

    - Help clear out excess phlegm or mucous

    - Soothe smooth muscle lining within the lungs

    - Help deepen and relax breathing